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Stop blaming ‘the other agent’

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There are incompetent real estate agents of all stripes and, yes, we need to "raise the bar." But we also need to stop assuming that other agents are incompetent as soon as there is the slightest problem with a real estate transaction. We need to stop telling the world that real estate agents are incompetent because we are making it hard for competent agents to do their jobs.Our clients have no contact with "the other agent." That makes it easy for us to blame "the other agent" if there is a problem -- and I cannot recall ever having a real estate transaction in which there wasn't some problem or unexpected issue.We don't listen to each other or give each other the benefit of the doubt. We just assume that the other agent is an idiot, or doesn't care, or is inexperienced or incompetent. "The bar needs to be raised," we say. For some that means additional education and training requirements for new agents. Others would also like to see tougher lic...