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Coping with homebuyers’ short-term memory

5 best practices your real estate clients won't soon forget

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Discovering one's dream home is hard work. Buyers usually begin with an emotion and work out from there -- i.e., "warm and cuddly" or "clean and modern." Function follows form -- at least at first. After some hard work on the part of the buyer's agent, ferreting out the true desires of the client (bedrooms, baths and living space), it's back on the road to do the real home sleuthing. This is the critical point at which a lot of agents trip up and spend many precious hours retouring the same four homes over and over again. She just had to see it ... again. Buyers have notoriously bad memories. Agents do not. Why? Because we have a practiced eye. Walk through a house once and we've got the entire 3,560 square feet filed away (with details!) in our catalog-of-homes brain cabinet. Buyers on the other hand, have only a vague sense of up and down on tour day. Not surprisingly, it can be the forgettables that catch their attention and somehow make impressions o...