3 considerations before abandoning underwater home

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Editor's note: This is the second of a two-part series. Read Part 1: "When it makes sense to keep an underwater home."Q: At the top of the market, I owned three properties: my first home (in a marginal neighborhood, now about 100 percent upside down), my own residence (a big fixer in a great neighborhood), and a triplex I bought as an investment (an OK neighborhood, needed some work, fully rented, but now upside down by about 30 percent).When the market turned, I had a couple of bad tenants in my first home and the triplex that set me way back financially, and I was unable to borrow the money I needed to fix the house I lived in. I did a short sale on the fixer and got temporary loan mods on the other two, and moved back into my first home.The problem is, they're both so upside-down and don't seem likely to come back up anything soon ... should I just sell everything and start over?A: Last week, we covered the preliminary step I want you to take with respect to yo...