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Neighborhood search for strangers in a strange land

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Online tools people can use to figure out what a neighborhood is really like. If you're relocating and don't have a clue about the town you're moving to, where do you start? My regular readers probably hope the answer is "Call a real estate professional!" But we all know that probably isn't what's going to happen. Not at first anyway. So what kinds of online tools can be used to learn more about neighborhoods? If you don't know the names of the neighborhoods themselves, the whole process gets even more complicated. My real estate clients often tell me that one of the primary factors that interest homebuyers is neighborhood. If someone already knows what neighborhood they want to live in, they are far closer to making a decision or purchase. But what if they don't know the names of the neighborhoods? What if, for example, they're moving in from some other end of the country for a job or other opportunity? In this situation, people who are looking for a place to liv...