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Why real estate pros are early adopters of new tech

Industry structure gives agents freedom to test latest tools

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One of the common things real estate brokers and agents say to me is, "We're so behind as an industry when it comes to using technology." I always make it a point to clearly disagree with anyone who says that. Last week, I was asked to present at the Global Strategic Management Institute's Social Media Summit in Las Vegas. It's an event that is attended by the digital social teams of Fortune 500 companies. Lot's of non-real estate industries were represented there. They were facing many of the exact same issues I hear about from real estate professionals at industry events like Inman Real Estate Connect or RETechSouth. Teams were intensely curious about return on investment. They were overwhelmed with the ever-increasing tool set that is required to operate successfully in the digital environment. Teams were trying to figure out what "engagement" means for their business. Many teams were seeking ways to work with other internal teams, like legal or ma...