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Avoid in-your-face advertising on Facebook

Realtor Notebook

This is a real-life Facebook case study, or at least an example of how not to use Facebook. Last December, a Realtor stopped by a Facebook group page for a neighborhood in my area and introduced herself by telling the members that she just got her real estate license and is looking forward to handling all of our real estate needs. She said we should feel free to call her because she can take the stress out of moving. Her post was ignored, but she did not give up. The moderator told me later that he thought she would just go away if she was ignored. He did not realize that she had started a kind of marketing campaign. She proceeded to post links to national real estate news stories and to market her services. Facebook isn't just for real estate agents and it isn't just for advertising. Some people like to use it as a social network. Group members complained about the advertising to the moderator. The moderator decided to delete the posts, which started a big fight mainly b...