‘Elemental’ California home mixes fire, water

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

Editor's note: The following item is republished with permission of Realtor.com. See the original article: Invoking The Elemental: Santa Fe Minimalism On Market For $8.4 Million. Once upon a time, back before biochemistry, laser surgery, and modern medicine, mankind understood the composition of the universe by breaking it down into four basic elements: earth, air, fire and water. It was thought that having all these elements in equal proportion brought balance to one's life.We may have come quite a ways since the chemistry of ancient Greece, but the idea of elemental balance is one that still attracts, and this elemental five-bed, seven-bath home in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., shows what harmony can come from seeking equilibrium. The streamlined home, envisioned by top architect Wallace Cunningham, smartly blends the four elements into a building of quiet and refreshing symmetry. Water and fire literally surround the home in the form of a minimalist water feature: a rock...