3 considerations before committing to buy a home

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Image/Chronicle Books Book Review Title: "Rent vs. Own: A Real Estate Reality Check for Navigating Booms, Busts and Bad Advice" Author: Jane Hodges Publisher: Chronicle Books, 2012; 272 pages; $18.95Once you're in the weeds of it, real estate decision-making can seem like a tricky minefield of layer upon layer of calculations, mortgage complexities and if-this-then-that dependencies, Plans B-J and lending hurdles.But this belies the essential truth that the most important real estate decisions are, ultimately, quite simple. The most fundamental, impactful and often difficult of these to make is the decision on whether to rent or buy the place that you live in. This decision has never been quite so tough as it is in today's post-recession market climate.For the last eight decades or so, homeownership has been widely considered part of that game of life that is the American dream, the path of aspirations that once included: Go to college; get a gr...