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Am I a bad agent because I don't use your product? Does that mean that I am not interested in raising the bar or creating a better user experience? There are days when it seems like real estate agents are the people we love to hate, and some days it seems like I know more experts and people who used to sell real estate than active practitioners. Many of the educational opportunities for agents are taught by vendors. They know best and work continuously to raise the bar by persuading agents to use their products. There are people who became real estate experts because they once bought a house. I admire their passion but am not always impressed with their ideas. What makes a good real estate agent? I am no expert. If I asked my clients what they want from an agent, I don't think any two of them would have the same answer. If something goes wrong in a transaction they blame the agent -- mostly because they don't know any better. There are surveys on what consumers want from th...