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Selling clients on a real estate auction

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Editor's note: This is the first in a two-part series. Read Part 2. Agents are constantly searching for great ways to market their listings online. Nevertheless, when you say, "auction," the normal response is, "That's not for me." If you haven't considered using auctions in your business, recent innovations may very well change your mind. You may not realize how much you already know about the auction process. For example, have you ever bought anything on eBay or on any other site where there was online bidding? If so, you are already familiar with how the online auction process works. Auctions have become a popular way to market just about anything, including real property. Most agents know that auctions can be an effective way to assist a developer in moving a condo project or new development. Furthermore, auctions also can yield higher prices to the sellers because of the competitive nature of the auction itself. Nevertheless, the notion of holding...