Think hard before selling real estate at a loss

Overcoming 'personal issues' may be better financial move

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DEAR BENNY: We own two houses, both of which have been on the market for approximately two years. One is our primary home, and one is a second home on the lake. Due to personal issues, we want to sell. Should we take a loss and sell, or hang tight? --Joyce DEAR JOYCE: If you really must sell for personal reasons, then why ask the question? Get the best possible price that you can. However, if you are still in doubt and uncertain about selling now, then I can try to provide you with some guidance. But this is your decision to make. All that the pundits and the fortune tellers can do is make suggestions; we cannot see into the future. The economy is moving forward albeit slowly. Mortgage interest rates remain extremely low, which means that people can buy or refinance as long as they can qualify for loans under the current strict mortgage lending policies. Why do you want to sell? If you sell your primary house, where will you live? Have you considered the alternatives? Will y...