4 things homeowners must stop doing

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Bad-habit cessation is the holy grail of behavior-change specialists and self-help gurus alike. Many millions of dollars have been made and books bought by consumers on the hunt for the key to stop whatever self-destructive actions constitute their particular vice, from smoking to overeating to overspending and gambling. But these are simply the behaviors on the extremely and obviously destructive end of the bad-behavior spectrum. In almost every area of our lives, there's something we could do differently or better to get closer to the results we want. Often, we learn these lessons and are motivated out of our bad behavior the hard way, as so many homeowners and mortgage consumers learned what not do to with respect to their real estate decisions by the collective spanking the housing market took in the recent recession. But our memories can be short, and the more subtle bad habits can be the hardest to break. So even while the market seems to be giving off hints that it ...