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When reality intrudes on a superhuman schedule

You can work your list, but don't let your list work you

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I don't know about you, but I'm superhuman. I've always had a knack for getting more done in 24 hours than expected, which made real estate a slam-dunk kind of career. Give me two hours in my office and I have a whole day's worth of work done. Four interrupted hours and I might as well go on vacation! I jest, but only a little. Time management has always been my strong suit.I start the day out with a strong cup of coffee and a legal pad divided down the middle. On the left hand side of the paper I break my day into 30-minute chunks of time, from wake-up to bedtime. Since I never get to leave work "at the office," it only seems natural to include any awake hours as potential working hours. On the right hand side of the paper I write down everything that needs to be done, categorized into: household chores, errands, buyers, sellers, new business, baby stuff. I schedule in a few "unknown" appointments, for lost documents and clients that can't find the title company. B...