3 key flaws when predicting risks

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Book Review Title: "Risk Intelligence: How to Live With Uncertainty" Author: Dylan Evans Publisher: Free Press, 2012; 288 pages; $20.80 Depending on your perspective, you might perceive the world as a risky place or a safe one -- or as one full of adventures and possibilities. According to Dylan Evans, author of "Risk Intelligence: How to Live with Uncertainty," our ability to evaluate probabilities also varies widely from person to person. Evans calls our individual powers in this arena our risk intelligence, and developed an online RQ test and other research that revealed that RQ and IQ are completely different animals, as well as surfacing the troubling reality that relatively few people have strong RQs -- even among those whose jobs are to give expert assessments of risk in their field. In "Risk Intelligence," Evans highlights a key set of thought flaws that frequently foil most of us when we make efforts to understand and predict the ...