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Expertise is granted, not proclaimed

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This might be hard to take. But it might be true. And it might turn out to be helpful. That is, once the sting to your pride fades away a little bit.Alright. Here goes:You are not the expert.There are so many kinds of marketing in the real estate industry that are focused on positioning agents and brokers as experts. Experts of neighborhoods. Experts of negotiation. Experts helping people understand their housing needs. Experts of marketing. Experts of technology. Experts of social media or SEO or radio advertising.That's a lot of expertise.And all this expertise is required because the corollary marketing meme that precedes all this expertise is about how a housing transaction is the biggest, most emotional, most important financial decision of a lifetime. Think of your children!First generate fear and anxiety, then offer yourself -- and your expertise -- as savior. This marketing technique might work in a sort of sheepherding way to funnel consumers as leads into a sales process. The...