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8 ways homebuilders alienate agents

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Editor's note: This column has been updated to correct an error introduced in editing. Truth 2 should have read, "We don't need to know how to sell new homes," not, "We know how to sell new homes," as originally published. Today we take a hard look at how homebuilders market to general real estate agents, and why for years their aggressive co-broker marketing has been sending the wrong messages. Apologies to the new homes marketing consultants out there, including me. According to many reports (verify with your local homebuilders), about seven out of 10 new homes sold today are brokered -- the term used to identify a broker prospect -- as opposed to a "walk in." Unfortunately, according to new-home blogs, less than 5 percent of Realtors show new homes. My experience tells me this is probably close. Homebuilders continue to stabilize their commission and prospect registration policies, build products that compete with short sales, and have closable inve...