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Walk Score wants to get you on your bike, too

Bike Scores now available in 10 US cities

Walk Score -- the Seattle-based developer that helps homebuyers and renters find "walkable" and transit-friendly communities -- is celebrating Bike to Work Week by expanding its scope to include "bikeability" ratings. The new Bike Score -- which is based on the factors like bike lanes, hills, road connectivity, and the percentage of people in an area who bike to work -- is initially available for what Walk Score has identified as the nation's "top 10 most bikeable cities."Bike Score generates a rating of 0-100, with cities with scores of 70 or higher considered "very bikeable," those with scores between 50 and 69 "bikeable," and those with scores below 50 "somewhat bikeable."Top 10 Most Bikeable Cities 1. Minneapolis (79)  2. Portland (70) 3. San Francisco (70) 4. Boston (68) 5. Madison (67) 6. Washington, D.C. (65) 7. Seattle (64) 8. Tucson (64) 9. New York (62) 10. Chicago (62) Source: Walk Score Bike Score &...