5 priceless real estate tips from my dad

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

It's almost Father's Day. By no means am I the world's best gift giver (even in the running), but I do try to share with my dad how critical his words of wisdom have been to my life over the years. In fact, it is largely due to my dad's deep involvement in real estate, as a small builder/developer and avid investor, that it has never held quite the intimidation factor I know real estate poses to many a buyer, seller, owner or renter. It's also his real estate involvement and general financial acumen that has him positioned for financial security in his retirement at a time when so many other baby boomers are struggling. Not only is he the financially smart sort, in his parts, my dad is well known for his brutally honest, decidedly unsentimental one-liners of advice on everything from fitness ("You only have to work out on the days you eat") to interpersonal relationship dynamics ("She who holds the cash makes the rules"). So, this Father's Day, I've been...