Unique, local blog content trumps generic

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

Daily posts on my real estate blog and my interactions on Facebook constantly remind me of how local real estate is.Yet much of the information about real estate on the Internet, including agent marketing materials and testimonials, is generic. Some days it feels like we are in our own separate world.There are a ton of generic agent websites out there. There are even special themes for real estate agent blogs, so they all have a similar look and feel. It's as if someone decided they have to look a certain way and feature the same stock photography.On third-party listing websites, the page for Iowa looks exactly the same as the page for New York. It is all generic, and it doesn't always speak to homebuyers and sellers the same way an individual agent can.As a real estate blogger, I know I need to write about how to buy or sell a home, about local market conditions, and national and local real estate news stories. I also know that it is the unique content and photographs...