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Make room for that piano

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Editor’s note: The following item is republished with permission of See the original article: Yes, You Have Room For a Piano.


Many of us live in small homes with minimal footprints. But as cozy as they are, they can begin to feel cramped and stifling. A large piece of furniture can overwhelm the space — sometimes it won’t even fit through the doorway.

As a concert pianist, I had no room for a piano in my first few homes. The apartments were too small and didn’t have an entry point for a baby grand. I compromised and purchased a medium-size keyboard, but it still isn’t enough.

If you’re in the same boat, do what I’ve done here: Seek inspiration from homeowners who have managed to create space for their favorite instrument. Gain ideas from their ingenious placement and color choices — perhaps you’ll find room for a beautiful piano in your home after all.

Looking around your home with fresh eyes can often open up new opportunities — for example, a niche in your living room that’s currently filled with bookcases. Would you rather have shelves of books or an instrument to play?

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contemporary family room by Andrea Schumacher

Photo credit: Andrea Schumacher

Here is an example of a piano that fits seamlessly into its surroundings. The white color plays off the sofa and painted ceiling, while the piano-size nook blends the instrument into the bookcases.