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7 ways to help buyers win in multiple-offer situations

Agents, are you prepared for market shift?

Editor's note: This is the second in a two-part series. See Part 1. While most agents dread being in a multiple-offer situation where they represent the buyers, in many cases it's much easier than representing the sellers. To win the house for your buyers, you need a battle plan. Personally, I always found it much easier to represent the buyers rather than sellers on multiple offers. Here are seven key steps for creating a battle plan that will help become the winning agent. 1. Address the buyers' multiple-offer strategy right from the start When you conduct your buyer's interview, address the possibility that there could be multiple offers on the property the buyers want. Here's what to say: "Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, the market has been improving and we have begun seeing multiple offers again. If there are multiple offers on the property you want, how would you like me to negotiate on your behalf? Here are your options. First, you can continue the negotiation as if no ...