Represent clients, don’t pull their strings

Faster. Better. Together.
Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

This summer I have been representing more buyers than sellers. I know agents who don't like working with buyers because it's so much work. Yes, working with buyers can be exhausting. But it also keeps me at the top of my game and helps me do a better job representing sellers. I enjoy looking at houses and, when the weather is nice, I feel lucky that I get to be out and about. I also feel like I'm really adding value when I work with young, first-time homebuyers. There was a time when almost every offer I made for a buyer on a home ended in a closed real estate transaction. That is not the case this year. We are finding more sellers who will not negotiate, homes that do not appraise, and other challenges like short sales that do not get approved and homes that get multiple offers. In addition to all of these challenges, we get to deal with agents who tell us what's in the "best interests" of his or her clients, and what's in the best interests of ours. Sometimes they even ma...