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Stylish bathroom fixtures also cut water use

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Editor's note: The following item is republished with permission of See the original article: Green and Clean: Sleek Water-Wise Bathroom Fixtures. By MICHELLE JERESEKSure, we're called the "water planet," but remarkably little of the blue stuff -- less than one percent -- is available to us as potential drinking water. The rest is tied up in saltwater, ice caps and other difficult-to-access sources. That scarcity isn't obvious to most of us in the industrialized world, where water is cheap and easy to find, but there are a billion others who aren't as lucky. And our time of easy water may be waning too, with the U.S. Government Accountability Office predicting water shortages in 36 states by 2013. Being water-wise can cut your utility bills, reduce the need for costly investments in water treatment and delivery systems, and contribute to a more sustainable water future. The bathroom is the place to start since it's the water hog in our homes, accounti...