Purchase offer likely to blame for lost bidding war

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Q: I am a first-time buyer and I need all the experienced advice I can get. I lost "the perfect" place due to multiple bids. I panicked and made a second offer of more than I could really afford, but I still didn't get the place. My broker works hard for me, but I fear that another company has the lion's share of the listings in the market I'm interested in and suspect that I lost that first property because the other broker pushed the seller toward one of their buyers. I can't prove it, it's just a hunch. I would feel disloyal leaving my broker, but I may in the future, in order to find the right property and to have a real chance of my bid being taken seriously. What do you think? A: The process of finding and securing the right home in a market climate where multiple offers are the norm can be a crazy-making proposition, causing us to think and act in ways we wouldn't normally. It makes people make offers on homes they don't truly love, offer more than they c...