6 real estate fantasies within reach

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The concepts of "dream" and "home" have been inextricably intertwined in the American consciousness for nearly a century. But as dreams are wont to do, this one has continually evolved. The early evolution of the American dream home was a monolithic one, from the three-bedroom/two-bath tract home en vogue in the '50s, to the McMansions so many mortgaged to the hilt in the early oughts. Of late, though, the American dream of home has splintered and proliferated into the American dreams, plural: in line with the trend of people eschewing traditional career and family paths and "composing" lifestyles that suit their personal fancies. Here are a few of those out-of-the-box home-related dreams that are increasingly popular, powered by a newly refreshed, nationwide fervor for living out our dreams and the shattering of the informational barriers of yesteryear by the Internet, among other things: 1. Live abroad. There is something equal parts escapis...