How to have a say in the appraisal process

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Sometimes my personal life and public life as a columnist overlap. Besides my home in Mesa, Ariz., I also own a condominium in Concord, N.H. This isn't an unusual investment for me, because my sister and my two nieces and their families live in New Hampshire, so having a condo in the area gives me a place to stay when visiting and touring the much cooler climates of New England. With interest rates at record lows, I decided to refinance my condo, working with my existing mortgage holder, Wells Fargo. I would have done this earlier, but the development (which I believe is the nicest in the Concord metro) where I have my condominium has been hit hard by foreclosures. This makes my refinancing a gamble, especially as it is hard to predict what the appraisal numbers might be. I already accept the fact that the condo is worth less today than when I bought it, but I had paid at the purchase almost 30 percent of cost, which was just before the financial world began to tumble and ...