Condo building’s insurance won’t cover all damage

Unit owners should know difference between master policy and HO-6

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DEAR BENNY: If damage to an individual unit is from a common-area element and was caused by negligence, and the condo documents as I understand them state that the damage to the unit involved is the responsibility of the condominium owners association, should that not then be covered by the master policy? Also, what is an HO-6 policy? --Lois DEAR LOIS: If a unit is damaged as a result of a common-element problem, such as a roof leak or a brick-pointing problem, then the association is responsible regardless of negligence. For example, let's say a common-element pipe breaks because of old age and causes damage to individual units. The association's first obligation is to notify the master insurance carrier of the problem and then fix the problem. Let the insurance company adjuster determine if there is coverage, and if so, to what extent. Typically, the master policy will pay to repair the walls, floors and ceiling of a unit that was damaged from a common element. However,...