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How to make the most of Google’s new approach to analytics

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Editor's note: This story has been updated. A previous reference to Google's Universal Analytics being available only to premium users has been deleted. Universal Analytics is available to all users. Google Analytics is changing. And it is changing in very significant ways. It's such a significant change that they're taking the word "Google" out of the name and calling it Universal Analytics. For those who find it valuable to understand the behavior of people online, Google Analytics has been the go-to analytics package for many years. The combination of tracking capabilities, reporting options and cost has been a three-pronged fork stuck into the side of any other tracking package out there.The change to Google Analytics starts with a conceptual shift which then leads to significantly new reporting capabilities. Let's do a quick overview of two of the bigger changes (there are quite a few more, but I will spare you from a discussion of some of the more esoteric subjects, s...