5 real estate tasks best done early

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For the past several years, my cousin Melanie has done my entire family a fantastic favor: She holds Thanksgiving one week early, on the weekend preceding the actual holiday. What this means is that what is normally a stress-filled, highly dramatic odyssey for many along holiday-impacted freeways, railways and airways has become a highly attended, drama-free family event. (OK, maybe not drama-free, but as low-drama as a family affair can get!) Instead of many couples having to alternate between his family and hers, or negotiate which side a blended family's kids will and won't be able to see for the holiday, everyone can basically show up -- easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. (Thanks, Mel!) While reflecting with gratitude on my quick-and-easy drive home after this year's early bird Turkey Day, my mind gravitated, as it is wont to do, to real estate. While I'm a big proponent of avoiding premature real estate moves, there are a number of tasks that are best done before you think ...