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The road from immigrant to CEO

Learn the New Luxury Playbook at Luxury Connect | October 18-19 at the Beverly Hills Hotel

When Pete Flint went house hunting on the Internet in 2004, he was so disappointed with the tools available to consumers at the time that he ended up co-founding the company behind what's become one of most popular listing portals in the world: Flint became aware of the potential for the Internet to revolutionize the home search process while pursuing his master of business administration degree from Stanford University. After voicing his frustrations about the tools available to consumers, an acquaintance gave Flint a ticket to the Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco. It was there, he says, that the ideas and connections that would become Trulia began to percolate.Eight years later, Flint would bang the gavel at the New York Stock Exchange to kick off public trading in shares of Trulia following an $89.3 million initial public offering. A London native, Flint will talk about his path from immigrant to CEO in a presentation, "The Road from Immigrant to...