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Sergio Munoz has a problem with something called the Hardest Hit Fund. I qualified the moniker "Hardest Hit Fund" with the phrase something called because, whatever it is, no one really knows about it. That's precisely the problem Munoz perceives: No one knows about the Hardest Hit Fund (which I'm going to henceforth abbreviate to HHF), and for those who really need it, the HHF should not be ignored. To that end, Munoz in 2012 launched a nonprofit organization, Help Share The Word, to create awareness, especially among the needy, for the HHF. OK, so what is it? In 2010, the Obama administration unveiled the Hardest Hit Fund to help homeowners avoid foreclosure in the regions of the country hardest hit by dramatic home price declines and unemployment. The $7.6 billion in funding for HHF came from TARP and was allocated by the U.S. Treasury Department to the 18 economically hardest-hit states and the District Columbia. If you're wondering if your state is on the li...