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‘Forever-and-ever’ suburban homes back in style

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Housing trends come and go -- just as in fashion. One day you are "in" and the next day you're "out." Take formal dining rooms. Once a mainstay in every American home, they are now disappearing as fast as Edison's incandescent light bulb. Parlors (whatever those were) are gone, too. Details some buyers once insisted they couldn't live without are getting the ax as well: built-in TVs, intercom systems, and European-style pull-out pantries. So now that we know what's out, what's in for 2013? I'm glad you asked. Drum roll please ... I wanted to tell you about modern electric light fusion sushi bars. But after combing through Pinterest and trade magazines for the latest, all I've got is basic, bread and butter, useful information on suburban housing. The No. 1 most important trend of 2013 will be -- wait for it -- FLEXIBLE HOME SPACE! This means that dens and libraries must also think of themselves as possible nurseries and guest rooms. Playrooms and other open ...