4 ways we treat our homes like family

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If you know me (even on Facebook), then you know much about the antics of my little pug mix "children," Aiko and Sumiko. Though I try to manage myself and post only one out of every 100 pics I take of them, what does make it to my social media channels tends to be the top 1 percent of their funniest, most humanlike follies, like Aiko's meditation poses and Sumiko's disdain for me taking pictures of Aiko's meditation poses. In fact, I felt validated when, last time I posted a pic, a friend mentioned how humanlike one of my dog's facial expressions was. Can you say "preaching to the choir"? This (mostly) harmless habit we have of attributing human qualities to animals is something word buffs and Jeopardy fans know is called "anthropomorphism." And the reality is that we do this with loads of other nonhuman things and even inanimate objects, including our homes. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that homeowners who treat their homes almost like the...