Woopra for Salesforce app helps agents prioritize hot leads

Monitoring prospects' activities provides insight into who is ready to buy

Analytics firm Woopra has launched an app that supplements Salesforce.com’s customer relationship management system with Web analytics, providing real estate agents with a sophisticated tool to monitor leads.

Woopra said the app, Woopra for Salesforce, gives agents with Salesforce.com accounts unparalleled insight into consumer behavior by providing real-time micro data on consumers’ online activity.

"Providing behavioral insight to customer-facing teams, as Woopra for Salesforce does, allows these teams to optimize their customer interactions," Woopra Chief Financial Officer Elie Khoury said in a statement. "The most effective customer interactions happen when you understand your customer and their engagement."

Sreen shot of Woopra Salesforce integration.

The Woopra app joins about 1,700 other partner apps available on Salesforce.com’s AppExchange. Salesforce.com’s CRM platform, which purportedly boasts more than 100,000 users, helps users manage leads and connect with prospects through social media. The Woopra app enhances the platform by adding a Web analytics component.

At least one Salesforce.com app already enables users to monitor consumer behavior on websites. Webtrends CRM Exchange for Salesforce, for example, provides users with a handful of metrics that sketch an individual’s behavior online.

But Woopra spokesperson Natalie Issa said Woopra for Salesforce takes lead analytics to a whole new level. Moving beyond just tracking page views or time spent on a website, the app captures individual actions. For agents, that means they can use the app to see every single listing that a lead views. The actions appear in an activity stream, which users may filter to focus on specific actions like listing views.  

"If I’m a Realtor, and I just want to see when this person searched my listings, I could just select that [action] from the drop-down and it would just filter out only that activity for me," she said. "This would help [agents] prioritize which leads to focus on first, which ones are ‘hot’ or most likely to buy, and how best to approach them."

Woopra for Salesforce is currently free, but Issa said the company intends on charging for it after an introductory period.

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