How to pull off a real vacation from real estate

Don't let laptop, smartphone keep you out of the pool

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Vacation. That's a funny word, isn't it? If you're like me, you hear your friends say they are going on a vacation and suddenly your brain is on a white-snow station. "A vacation?" you ask. "You mean, a movie at the theater? Or, are you sleeping in on Saturday?" That's when your friend looks at you funny. They are going a-w-a-y. Like, to Hawaii. Or Brazil. Or the Arctic. "But what will you do about work?" you ask, in all seriousness. Because as you know, vacations do not exist in the world of real estate. The whole concept is completely foreign to the average broker. Let's just say you decide to tempt the fates of new business and closings, and take the kind of vacation other people take -- the going-away kind. Then, you're faced with a really big problem: What do you do about work in queue? There are three options. Option number one is to fudge on the rules of a "vacation" and take your laptop and smartphone along for the ride. Then you are never truly out o...