Walk Score ‘ChoiceMaps’ show depth of neighborhood amenities

Tool can measure neighborhood development over time

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Amid growing interest in how access to amenities impacts neighborhood desirability and property values, Walk Score recently debuted a new feature that enables people to gauge the range of choice people in certain areas have over different conveniences, like restaurants and public transit. Drawing on historical data, the feature also provides analysts with a new tool to measure neighborhood development over time, the company says. "It's just adding a significantly additional layer of insight that goes beyond access and looks at choice," said Josh Herst, CEO of Walk Score. People may use "ChoiceMaps," which produces a heatmap to illustrate its findings, to calculate the average number of public transit spots, car and bike shares, schools, grocery stories, coffee shops or restaurants there are within a specified walk time in a neighborhood or city. In Midtown Manhattan, for example the tool shows that the average resident can walk to 1,251 restaurants in 20 minutes. In contras...