5 tweaks to help your business soar

There's a difference between serving your clients and pleasing them

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You're working hard but you're not experiencing the results that you'd like to achieve. Chances are that what's blocking your success boils down to one or two key behaviors. Once you can identify and eliminate these behaviors, your path to success will become considerably easier. As a coach and a psychologist, it always amazes me how seemingly small changes can create huge benefits for the person making the change. Here is a list of five small changes that can yield big results for your business: 1. Eliminate the words "I" and "me" from all your marketing materials. The key point here is to replace "I" and "me" with the words "you" and "your." More than ever, today's consumers want their real estate transaction to be focused on their wants and needs. When you use the words "I" and "me," it becomes about you rather than your client. If you haven't made this shift already, go through every one of your current marketing pieces and be ruthless about eliminating the information ...