Canonical and authorship tags: because search still matters

Policy, not technology, is biggest obstacle to telling search engines who owns listings

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A short while back I wrote a brace of columns about canonical and authorship tags. At their heart is the idea of telling computers the same thing we tell people, and being consistent with how we present data. Since those went live here at Inman News, I've been involved in endless Facebook threads (Mike Bowler Sr.'s extremely well-behaved Listing Syndication group, for example), enjoying excellent follow-on posts by people like Todd Carpenter, Matt Cohen, Bill Lublin and Eric Stegemann. Lots of phone conversations, of course, as well -- including one with Rob Hahn that he tells me he's going to air as a podcast. All of these interactions and the thinking behind them have had a number of excellent points and questions embedded in them. Since the National Association of Realtor's midyear meeting is upon us, I figured it might make sense to do a simple roundup of the most common questions I am getting on the whole canonical/authorship conversation. Will authorship tags or canonica...