How not to use LinkedIn

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My LinkedIn account has been terribly neglected. Even as I write this sentence, I feel as though I should be updating my LinkedIn profile instead. Let's just say I am "kind of" LinkedIn. I have two friends in the Twin Cities who are experts on LinkedIn and who speak and teach on the subject. I recently had coffee with one and lunch with the other. They let me ask questions about LinkedIn, and gave me some advice on how to improve my profile. I like to think that my LinkedIn profile educates people. It could be used as an example of how not to use LinkedIn, rather than how to. I even apologize for my inability to write a decent summary of who I am, which helps to draw attention to my lame professional summary. It isn’t because I don’t know who I am, or that I don't know how to write a summary. It's because I lead a rich and full life, and I am not sure exactly which parts of it are important to people who may look me up. Do they want to know how many houses I sold last y...