Take collapsing ceilings, hidden drug money, and ferrets in stride

Broker Notebook

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This time of year, my workweek never ends. When the weekend comes, I notice it because of the difference in the traffic patterns -- and because my schedule is a little fuller. Various electronic gadgets help me get through it all, but none are as useful to me as having a sense of humor. Sometimes I am lucky, and I get to spend my time with the wonderful people I call clients. Other times I am not so lucky. There are lots of things that my clients don’t tell me. My job is about solving problems, and fixing things. It is full of surprises. No two houses are the same, and neither are any two transactions. Here are a few of the things my sellers don’t always tell me: The house has a $10,000 lien against it but they figure they can sell it without anyone noticing. They don’t really own the house. One seller is legally married to someone but it isn’t the woman he is living with. She doesn’t know he is married until they get to the closing. The roof leaks, b...