30 key takeaways from Real Estate Connect SF

Build your business by knowing what homebuyers and sellers value most

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Real Estate Connect is always packed with great information, outstanding speakers and an abundance of innovation. If you want some fresh ideas to help you build your business, check out the 30 suggestions below from real estate’s best and brightest. These tips can help you understand current trends while simultaneously providing you with ways to be more effective in your real estate business. Go through the list, see what resonates with you, and then choose one or two items that you would be willing to implement in your business. From Agent Reboot 1. "Always go horizontal" when you shoot videos of houses. 2. Every second that you spend with a sucky individual, you're taking time away from a great client who is deserving of your time and attention. 3. Weak ties -- that is, the people who exist on the fringes of our lives -- often bring us the most business. 4. In terms of the shortage of inventory nationwide: We have a store, but the shelves are empty. 5. This t...