Setting the record straight on realtor.com changes

Guest perspective: Now is the time to cut the chains and let realtor.com soar

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Editor’s note: Danny Frank is chairman of the Houston Association of Realtors, and a Realtor with Prudential Anderson Properties in Pearland, Texas. Inman News welcomes guest perspectives on topics of interest to real estate agents, brokers and companies that provide services to them. Send guest perspectives to Managing Editor Matt Carter, matt@inman.com. Since the National Association of Realtors held a special board of directors meeting on July 24, there has been a lot of misinformation and just plain inaccurate claims and statements made about both NAR and realtor.com. And I feel a need to help set the record straight. I, as a board member, have been trying to get NAR and realtor.com to play in the same sand box for years. Mind you that BOTH are to blame for the stalemate the we are just coming out of after the board of directors meeting in Chicago. The result of the meeting was what was needed in my opinion because I just felt NAR could not manage what needed to be done....