Real estate video: It’s not OK to suck

Commentary: Affordable equipment, tools and apps set the creative bar higher, not lower

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June 2013. 183 million Americans viewed more than 44 billion videos. 20 billion of them were ads created by national brands. I’d like to inspire your brand to join the movement. Inspiration I’m a regular reader of Ad Age. I rabidly consume brand blogs and marketing articles dispensing the best of what the brightest minds in my field offer. Video, a medium I’m passionate about, is often discussed. Ideas, techniques and advice dispensed in these publications differ greatly from the “it’s OK to suck” advice often presented in real estate. You deserve better advice than that. Bad videos kill a brand. Decent videos aren’t memorable. But great video is worth its weight in gold. I’d like to inspire you to greatness. Story Forget rules. Focus on goals. Captivating the viewer should rank as your highest. Storytelling is a construct brand marketers rely on to captivate. And video is now their chosen medium. Dove’s story of natural and inne...