The right way to handle negative agent reviews

3 strategies to defuse conflicts, save your reputation

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Like it or not, agent reviews are a fact of life. If someone doesn't like your services or your attitude, chances are he'll use social media to tell the world about what a terrible agent you are. What can you do to fight back? A decade ago if someone had a complaint against you he might tell a few friends or contact your manager. When someone has a complaint today it can literally reach thousands of people and cause irreparable harm to your business. The challenge is that the strangers reading the review have no way of knowing whether the person's complaint is justified or completely bogus. You can minimize the effects of negative reviews by being proactive and by taking well-thought-out steps to respond. Yelping about Yelp Recently a number of agents were lamenting on Facebook about "The Yelp Mafia." One agent reported that nine of her clients had posted positive reviews of her on Yelp and not one of those reviews appeared on the Yelp website. The one review that did appear w...