Government shutdown: NAR, Starbucks both want it to end, but reluctant to take sides

Commentator: Calls for a bipartisan solution lets Republicans off the hook

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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s petition for a bipartisan solution to the government shutdown and debt ceiling crisis is "dopey-yo" Daniel Gross writes in a column for The Daily Beast. "The debt-ceiling brinksmanship and government shutdown are pure Republican enterprises," Gross alleges, continuing in a lighter vein that GOP Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee "identify with the Tea Party, not the Coffee Party." The National Association of Realtors likes to say it backs candidates that support the "Realtor Party" -- which in practice means incumbent Democrats and Republicans with a track record of standing behind government subsidies for homeownership and other real estate-friendly policies. Like Schultz, NAR President Gary Thomas took a bipartisan approach Thursday in pleading with lawmakers to resolve the crisis. In testimony before the Senate Banking Committee, Thomas warned that a failure to resolve the crisis could be “disastrous” for the nation’s economy and “catastrop...