NAR leaves list of MLS ‘basic services’ untouched

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SAN FRANCISCO -- The National Association of Realtors (NAR) did not change its classification guidelines for MLS "basic services" at its annual conference, ensuring that, for at least the near future, multiple listing services (MLSs) may confidently charge all their members to operate public-facing websites -- a practice that has riled some large brokers. Asked of his reaction to the committee meeting, Craig Cheatham, CEO of The Realty Alliance, said that public-facing sites should be switched from "basic" to "optional" in NAR's MLS service classification guidelines "immediately and without hesitation." "Giving the committee and the board of directors the benefit of the doubt, they simply must not understand the stakes of what they have done and the direction they continue to head," Cheatham said. "Our conscience is clear. We have sounded the alarm loud and clear. We were optimistic for progress, but actions speak volumes." In an announcement that has kindled anxiety among MLS...