Pinterest, virtual staging and Facebook: fast track to higher commissions

Must-haves for agents at the listing appointment

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Everyone knows that a "picture is worth a thousand words." Depending upon the price point of your listings, the right pictures can translate into thousands of commission dollars as well. No one can deny America's love affair with looking at other people's houses. Hundreds of TV episodes are devoted to staging listings. Sites such as Houzz are garnering tremendous numbers of visitors, while Pinterest has shot off the charts. The question is how can you leverage this trend to earn more full commissions for your business? 5-step strategy for earning higher commissions With the upturn in many markets, commission cutting is back again. An important part of your commission defense is showing your sellers how maximum exposure to the marketplace results in the maximum price for their listing. The pictures you take and where you use them can have a tremendous influence on your seller's exposure as well as the commissions you earn. Here's what to do: 1. A minimum of 20 pictures Two st...