In 2014, brokers will find new opportunities in often-ignored places

Property management services, corporate housing services could be alternative revenue sources

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While no one has a crystal ball about what is coming in 2014, it’s pretty safe to assume that there will be new business models, exciting new technology and apps, plus a host of changes that no one could have ever predicted. 1. A flattening market in 2014 Real estate markets tend to run in 10-year cycles. To illustrate this point, the most recent downturn began in California in 2006, which began climbing out of the downturn in 2009 and has leveled off in 2013. If this market follows past patterns, look for this flat or transitioning stage to continue for approximately 12 to 24 months with the beginning of the next downturn arriving sometime in 2016. Since California is a bellwether state, the rest of the country should follow suit 12-24 months later. 2. Boomers seek sand and sunshine Ice and snow are particularly dangerous for senior citizens, not only due to slower reaction times while driving, but also due to the risk of falls. Given the record snows and low temperature...