Attract more real estate clients by eliminating tolerations, practicing extreme self-care

Having too many energy drainers is like dying by 100 paper cuts

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Happy 2014! While most people make New Year’s resolutions, sticking to them can often be difficult. Today’s column outlines two very simple resolutions that can change your life and your business. Your No. 1 resolution: Eliminate tolerations If you do nothing else in 2014, eliminating tolerations is one of the best ways to improve virtually every aspect of your life. The late Thomas Leonard, founder of business coaching, believed that, “Tolerations are the universal access point for all coaching.” In case you are not familiar with this concept, tolerations are the little annoying things that draw you off focus by wasting your time and energy. Tolerations can be something as simple as a button that has popped off your shirt, a dirty car, or all those stacks of paper in your office. Tolerations become energy drainers when you don’t deal with them. For example, you may have a stack of business receipts that you haven’t scanned. Every time you look at the stack you th...