HomeCanvasr aims to connect buyers with potential sellers

Startup Spotlight: Company casts itself as tool for both agents and consumers

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In markets with slim pickings, many homebuyers may find themselves wishing they had more options. Jure Miletic believes that in many cases, buyers may have more options than they think. Miletic co-foundedĀ HomeCanvasr, a marketplace designed to help buyers sniff out homes matching their preferences that are within their reach, but which aren't yet listed for sale. Homeowners who are toying with the idea of selling may visit HomeCanvasr to gauge possible demand for their homes and connect with potential buyers. The platform also lets buyers advertise themselves to potential sellers. HomeCanvasr says its mission is to be "a marketplace for buyers and homeowners to connect 'off-market.' " The company's business model could subvert the traditional multiple listing service, and some might even argue that HomeCanvasr could undercut the role of agents. But HomeCanvasr is also indicating that it wants to collaborate with the old guard, casting itself as a tool for agents....